Holistic Coaching Using a Functional Approach to Yoga

Our physical body serves as a gateway to connect with our core – our true selves. When we can connect inwards we can start to feel what it is we need to nourish ourselves and grow into our power. I’m offering one to one private sessions where I combine yoga along with self development practices and more to help you expand and grow – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Yoga offers endless possibilities to find freedom in the physical and emotional bodies and to bring  awareness to our thought patterns and behaviours. This awareness will help you to let go of what no longer serves you like certain behaviours or beliefs and embrace your radiant and beautiful self.

During the sessions I will encourage you to let go of what you think things should look like, guiding you to go inwards, into sensation. From this space we will explore the infinite possibilities there are to move and feel. This embodied experience invites a natural creativity and playfulness into your life. You’ll discover you have more mental and emotional flexibility, helping you to remember your own power.

And this is freedom! The sky is the limit. A true delight. Nothing is impossible.

Yoga can reveal your true power, that source of strength from which you decide that it’s YOU that matters. Not sometimes, but always.


I believe in the uniqueness of everyone. Every person, every BODY.

We all have something beautiful to bring to this world. When we can recognise this, the expectations we have for ourselves (fed by society/parents etc) can fall away. This allows us to truly step into our own power and enables us to shine bright. Our uniqueness radiating out.

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How I support your journey

1. Getting to know you

The first 20 minutes of our session we go into what you want to achieve.

Why are you reaching out to me (eg frozen shoulder, chronic fatigue, burnout, fertility problems), what are the circumstances (do you experience stress, trauma, how do you move, etc.) and what are your wishes?

2. Supporting you

During the session through observation and intuition I will bring your attention to certain areas where you might need to create more space – in your body and your life.

Together we will map the bigger picture and based on that I create a personal yoga sequence just for you.

The sequence can cover all aspects of yoga (Yin en/of Yang yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, reiki, Yoga Nidra, acupressure, fertility yoga, myofascia release etc.) and you will receive a recording and / or photos so that you can easily practice the sequence at home.

3. Fine tuning for growth

You will keep a practice dairy, so that we can evaluate and fine-tune the sequence after 2 weeks. Therefore a minimum of two sessions is recommended.

I fully commit myself to increasing your well-being, inner balance and ability to experience freedom and joy!

 We take the time for this and together we discover what works and what does not work for you.

A session can take place at my home in Austerlitz or online (via zoom).

Book your Session(s)

  • 30 Minute Session
  • 40Once off payment
  • Ideal for specific advice for your practice

    on or off the mat

  • 60 Minute Session
  • 80Once off payment
  • Includes 20 minutes intake, and 40 minute class
  • 90 Minute Session
  • 120Once off payment
  • Includes 30 minutes intake, and 60 minute class
  • 4 X 60 Minute Sessions
  • 300Once off payment
  • Including 30 minutes intake.
  • 4 X 90 Minute Sessions
  • 440Once off payment
  • Including 30 minutes intake.

    What others say..

    I found José very inspiring and very caring. José really made me think about my body and about how my body feels when I do a pose. Until then, I had not realise the importance of needing to be comfortable with myself when practicing Ying or Yang Yoga. Practicing with José brought total awareness of how do I need to fit the pose to my body and not the other way around. And whilst this is perhaps the essence of Functional Yoga, it only made really sense to me when I had a one to one session with José.

    José looks at what I need in the moment in her private sessions. The combination of learning to feel my body in yin poses with reflection on my own behavior works well; The short videos she makes of poses and notes of each session allow me to continue at home as well!

    Are you looking to….

    Take back control of your life

    Come home to yourself

    Bring your yoga practice off the mat

    Heal physical injuries

    Learn tools for stress reduction and inner peace

    Feel healthy, comfortable and energetic

    Experience emotional and hormonal stability

    Feel freedom in all layers of your being


    Hi! My name is José

    I am a Yin Yoga teacher and an empowering yoga coach. I embrace and integrate the Functional Approach to yoga into all my teachings.
    Which is the source of my wish for everyone; that you can embrace all that You are, through practicing yoga and living from Your Experience and in Your Way!

    In practicing yoga with an open mindset you start honoring and respecting the infinite varieties in human anatomy, physiology and psychology. When we accept we are all different in this earthly manifestation – but in essence all the same -, we stop comparing, we don’t feed our ego nor create unrealistic expectations. Consequently, we create more peace, freedom and joy for ourselves, others and the world.

    I feel it is my mission to bring that liberation and empowerment into your yoga practice and (hopefully) into your life.

    In my Yin yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, you can learn how to adapt your yoga practice or someone else’s to their abilities and needs. By adopting a Functional Approach to yoga combined with the study and practical application of Yoga Anatomy, Chinese Elemental & Meridian Theory and Yin Yoga Philosophy & Practices, you can make it possible for everyone to practice yoga in a beneficial and injury-free way.