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Souls Journey Yoga Retreat

24 August - 27 August, Venwoude Retreat Centre, Netherlands

With José and Maike

Live Your Light!

Return to yourself during this four-day Souls Yoga Journey retreat, at the beautiful wooded location of Venwoude in the Netherlands. Experience a deep connection with your soul, your core and the pure source of love that you are. Break through blockages and feel how to trust your intuition by landing in your body and sinking into your heart.

This retreat is about fully embracing (and living!) your light. 

We invite you to explore what authentic living means to you. So that you can live your life in a way that brings you fulfillment and joy, being fully present in your life. Able to embrace love to its fullest. 

Together we explore our inner depths. We explore the language of the body and the language of the light. You learn to hold yourself even more in silence, in emotions, thoughts and sensations, so that there is room for inner peace, insight, intuition and heart-fueled creation.  

And of course there will be plenty of time for free time, laughing together, eating pure and delicious food and enjoying everything that is. 

Are you ready to explore into the loving depths of your soul?

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Day 1 and 2 | Coming home into your body

The first two days focus on unwinding and arriving in your body. Everyone is born into a unique body, which perfectly supports your souls journey on earth. Once you recognize this for yourself, we can let go of ‘the perfect way’ and move freely on all levels: physical, energetic, emotional and mental.

Feel to heal

Our body is the gateway to healing. To a free life, your most beautiful life. Living from your heart and soul. In the first days we guide you inwards and make space to move from a place of connection, love & authenticity. To feel and listen to the signals of your body, your subconscious knowing. We energetically clear and build (self) confidence, so you can move beyond fear and doubt, and experience yourself exactly as you are; beautiful. 

It’s all about.

  • learning to connect with your body
  • understanding your body language
  • grounding yourself (in your sensitivity)
  • connecting with nature
  • free flow of Chi – releasing physical and energetic stagnations
  • harmonizing and learning to manage your unique energy system.


Day 3 and 4 | Unlocking your light 

The following 2 days we will dive deeper into all the intangible in life, starting from that well-founded safe base (body, earth). Everything is connected in energy, and recognizing this in our world of experience, we gain access to that naturally relaxed state of being, where the light can find its passage. Where clarity on blockages, patterns and emotions naturally unfolds. Where intuition and insight can take over effortlessly, free of fear and doubt.

Where you allow yourself to be led from a higher wisdom. Where you know what you have to do, and you learn to bathe in your inner calm. Full of surrender and trust. Full in your full you. You in a solid connection with your soul, your higher self, and at the same time with two feet grounded in the earth.

* The language of the retreat is Dutch and/or English, depending on the participants. 

Detailed Program 

During the souls journey retreat we will guide you all the way back into your energy alignment, through powerful elements of (self)connection such as: Yin yoga, forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), healing circle, body awareness, meditation, energy clearing, Cacao ceremony, pranayama, Qi Gong, Yang yoga soft flow, intuitive feeling, journaling, masculine & feminine energy balance, partner yoga…

Thursday, August 24th

09.00-10.00    Arrival at the white villa at Venwoude
11.00-12.30    Opening circle: clearing, grounding & intention
13.00               Lunch
16.00-18.00    Body awareness & Yin Yoga
18.30               Dinner
20.00-21.00    Releasing your day practice

Friday, August 25th

06.30-7.15      Silent sit
07.15-07.30    Morning journaling & intention
07.30-09.00    Morning practice
09.00-10.00    Breakfast
11.00-13.00    Deep connection yoga
13.15-14.00    Lunch
16.00-18.00    Nature bathing (shinrin-yoku)
18.30               Dinner
20.00-21.00    Releasing your day

Saturday, August 26th

06.30-7.15      Silent Sit
07.15-07.30    Morning journaling & intention
07.30-09.00    Morning practice
09.00-10.00    Breakfast
Free flow me-time
13.15-14.00    Lunch
16.00-18.00    Heart to heart connection – partner class
18.30               Dinner
20.00-21.00    Releasing your day practice
* We remain in silence from 21.00 until the cacao ceremony the next day.

Sunday, August 27th  

07.30-08.30    Morning practice
08.30-09.00    Light breakfast in silence
10.30-13.00    Cacao ceremony
13.15-14.00    Lunch
14.30-15.15    Closure circle
15.30               Departure


Country Estate Venwoude is a beautiful location in the middle of the Netherlands, situated in the woods. It is known for its extraordinarily beautiful atmosphere, nature and loving care, the simple yet high-quality accommodation options, the beautiful spaces and the amazing vegetarian and organic meals.

The Souls Journey Retreat takes place in the beautiful bright Tormentil/Wederik room

Scroll down for more information on lodging options.



Vuurse Lane 1

3749 AN Lage Vuursche

More information about the location: www.venwoude.nl 


We, José and Maike, will guide and support you on your souls journey during the retreat. In groups and on an individual level when the situation asks for it. Four years ago we met on a Yin Yoga & Reiki Retreat in Spain. José was the teacher and Maike the participant. We instantly connected, our energies complement each other beautifully. 



José de Groot

José is a yin yoga teacher and empowering guide. Her mission is to bring you back in contact with feeling, with your own strength and to live from there. Through feeling you learn to know and embrace your own uniqueness and to trust your own body and inner voice. You are unique, comparing with or imitating others is pointless. When you live from your potential, freedom, joy and healing arise. Then there are no more obstacles or frameworks that limit you, only possibilities to do things differently, your way.  

You can follow training and workshops with José in which you learn tools for yourself and/or others with which you can empower, heal and come home to yourself. Or you can experience empowering healing for yourself in José’s yoga classes, private sessions and retreats. 

To bring you in touch with feeling and your unique self, José uses Yin Yoga and other forms of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Practical Anatomy, Chinese Medicine and Breathing exercises.  Learn more about José see www.yogatreat.eu or follow her on Instagram

Maike van Ees

Maike is an energetic body worker and healer. With the work she shares in her studio in Amsterdam she brings you back to your core, in touch with yourself, grounded in your body, in your power, so you can embrace your light. 

During a ‘forced’ – given – period of self-healing, Maike opened into the gifts meant for her to share in this life. Through her hands and presence, she reads your body and receives where your mind is not aligned with your body and your life is not aligned with your soul. Maike works completely intuitively, guided by the universal energy of love and light, empowered by the teachings of meridians, chakras, reiki, shiatsu, hypnosis, polarity practice, feminine vs masculine energy and eastern medicine. 

Some specializations Maike works with are: Energetic Massage & Healing, depth meditation, Souls Journey mentor program, Cocoa Ceremonies, Radiant Women circles, Intuitive living and soulful movement. Learn more about Maike see www.maikevanees.nl or follow her on Instagram

Dates & Price


Souls Journey Retreat – August 24-27, 2023

Arrival 24 August between 9:00-10:00

Departure August 27th at 15:30

Early Bird Price registration and payment before 11am May 24th 2023: €585

Regular Price: €635

Price includes:

  • everything we offer & activities
  • delicious organic and vegetarian food


Price does not include:

  • accommodation
  • travel costs 


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Prices for the different accommodation options at Venwoude:

Prices excluding taxes
1 persons room: € 49,50
2 persons room (per person): € 38,50
Tent or camper spot: € 16,50


Prices Including VAT and tourist tax
1 person room: €55,00
2 persons room (per person): €43,00
Tent or camper spot: € 18,95

Prices are per person and per night.

You can book your desired accommodation here: www.venwoude.nl/boeken 


This retreat deepens your yoga practice and can therefore be used as Continuous Educational Hours if you are registered with Yoga Alliance.
At the end of the retreat you will receive a 15 hour certificate. Please let José know via email before the start of the retreat, if you wish to receive a certificate so she can bring it to the retreat.


24 August
27 August
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Venwoude Retreat Centre
Vuurse Steeg 1

Lage Vuursche, Utrecht 3749 AN Netherlands
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