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Live Class – Letting Go Of Judgmental Thoughts

Let go of judgmental thoughts of yourself and others. Feel free and embrace change! 

Judgmental thoughts can be very toxic for our overall health and relationships with others. However small these thoughts are, we all have them, most of the time without even noticing them. They are that fast. These thoughts fuel the way we react in certain situations or towards others.

The internal judge in us has advantages when we fine tune ideas in deciding what’s good and what’s not or when we want to create structure and it is a driving force for discipline. But when the judge is too prominent it can be very restrictive and depressing.
For example, think of the upbringing of kids. Are you becoming the policeman instead of a playful and compassionate parent. Or are you being too judgmental towards yourself, leading to perfectionism which causes irritation, anger and feeling restricted in your freedom.

When judgmental thoughts are prevailing then compassion and living from the heart – lightness, joy and having fun –  has no space. Everything becomes negative, heavy and hard to digest. You can literally experience pressure or tension on the heart, lungs and belly, which all long for freedom and space.
In order to melt judgment and strictness with yourself and others, we need to be in the moment and connect to our heart. In other words we have to stop and turn in and feel. How things should be or go, comes from the mind; the ego who thinks something has to go a certain way.

So in order to improve your overall health, relationships and life, it is essential to become aware of your thought patterns for you to be able to make a change.


What to expect in this class

So in this Friday’s Yin class we will dive deep inside and notice our judgmental thoughts that either might come up during the practice or the thoughts you know you have often about yourself or others. Make it your intention to really become aware of these thoughts and of the effects on you or your environment. By asking yourself some simple questions we are going to put the thoughts in a different perspective.

Physically we will target the chest, diaphragm, belly and shoulders with various Yin poses, some yang movements and deep diaphragmatic breathing to get rid of stagnations and tensions as an effect of these judgmental thoughts.  I will most likely use the tennis balls and blocks to help stimulate even deeper into the fascia to get a deeper release. Be prepared to release emotions as well.

As always, I will allow myself to be inspired by the moment and what you have told me where the attention has to go. Guided by the moment we will find together how the practice will unfold!


Have all the props that are indicated always nearby:

  • a mat
  • two socks
  • 4 tennis balls
  • a belt
  • a blanket
  • two blocks
  • a bolster or pillow ready before the class


How it works

This class will be live using Zoom. The time of the class is in Amsterdam time so if you are not in central Europe make sure you come at the right time. Once you have registered and paid – you will be given an email with instructions on how to join the Zoom class.

Try to arrange it that you have minimal distractions.




With every booking you get access to the recording of the class for 30 days




*When you purchase a class pass you essentially get ‘store credit’ which enables you to book any 4 classes of your choice, anytime you want. You will receive an email with a code, and you use this code in checkout when booking your class. PLEASE NOTE that when you purchase a class pass, you have not booked any classes yet. You need to go back to the website, select your class and enter your coupon code in checkout to bypass payment. You will then receive an email with your zoom link to your selected class(es).



21 May 2021
20:00 - 21:15
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