Explore Your Uniqueness

I believe in the uniqueness of everyone. Every person, every BODY.


Once we acknowledge and honour this we can set ourselves free on all levels; physical, energetic, emotional and mental.


Empower yourself and discover your potential. Shine from your heart, your uniqueness and live a fulfilling and peaceful life!

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I integrate Yin & Yang yoga, advanced anatomical knowledge, eastern medicine, chakra studies, meditation, reiki and pranayama in my yoga teachings, enriching and deepening your practice on and off the mat.


Inner balance is my intention through feeling and connecting with your body, breath and mind in the present moment.

Upcoming Events

    Online Workshops

    Online Yin Yoga & Reiki Workshops

    Oct 18 2020

    with José de Haan – de Groot & Jordi Ibern   5 live online workshops combining Yin Yoga & Reiki with the 5 elements theory. Release deep tensions, feel renewed and reconnect with yourself .   These five workshops are based on the Five Elements philosophy of the

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    Learn to apply anatomy practically to Yin & Yang Yoga

    Oct 27 2020
    Utrecht, Netherlands

    In this workshop you will learn how to practice yoga functionally with functional alignment. Which means that you are not adapting your body anymore to the pose trying to look like your teacher or other students in the class, but you will adapt the pose to your body in order for it to be beneficial for you.

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    Teacher Training

    Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training 2021

    Jan 29 2021
    Utrecht, Netherlands

    200 hours with Jose de Groot   Ι  30 Contact Days  Ι  Yoga Alliance Certified Enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and an interest for personal development are the driving forces of my students. Attending this training will give you an understanding of the Yin yoga philosophy,

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Join my 200+ hour Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training | Yoga Alliance Certified

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What others say..

I wanted more knowledge about anatomy and Jose explained it in a way that things fell into place so easily. I feel like I’m better able now to help my students, understand and work with their own bodies in a safe way.

Lisa Vermeulen Yin Yoga with José

I have learned to look at yin yoga in a functional way and let go of the aesthetic approach. I definitely learned that every body is different and that we all need something else!

Join me and…

Deepen your practice


Learn more about your body and mind


Cultivate a calm and mindful mindset


Empower yourself through personal and spiritual growth


Experience freedom on and off the mat


Hi! My name is José

I’m a yoga teacher, founder of YogaTreat and mum of three.

Portraying that perfect image or way of living doesn’t exist. You shine your brightest when you are connected to your true self!

It’s my mission to educate and inspire you to use your body as a gateway to open up and explore your uniqueness – body, mind and spirit.  So that we can all stand in our power, full of confidence, and move freely within our daily life.