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Yin & Yang Yoga & Anatomy trainings based on the teachings of Paul Grilley.

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Yogatreat offers specialised & therapeutic yin yoga & yang yoga classes, workshops, retreats, teacher trainings and personal coaching to increase your self-awareness, improve your health and discover, recognise and enhance your personal qualities.

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    Yin Yoga Pose adjustments - José de groot - YogaTreat
    Teacher Training Workshops

    Yin Yoga Adjustments Workshop – Part 1

    Jun 12 2020
    Utrecht, Netherlands

    Practice, deepen and improve your adjusting skills and knowledge of how to use props for the lower body Yin yoga poses with this workshop! Deepen and repeat the functions and accompanying cues of the Yin yoga poses with their anatomical principles (muscles, movements and joints of the torso and legs).

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    Yin Yoga & Reiki Retreat

    Jun 19 2020
    Gaià, Spain

    Practice meditation in silence as the day dawns, followed by a Yang Yoga practice which will wake up your body and soul. In the afternoons you will experience a profound transformation during the five Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops lasting two and a half hours.

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    Yin & Yang Yoga & Meridians: Heart & Small Intenstine

    Jul 12 2020
    Utrecht, Netherlands

    Celebrate the summer heat! 
Feel the joy and your potential through releasing sweat and tensions. Join José de Groot for a masterclass. Combining Yin, Yang & Pranayama. Let's have fun!

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YogaTreat offers personalised yoga classes, workshops, retreats and trainings.
All of YogaTreat offerings are desined with the intent to inspire, inform and empower you to strengthen your wellbeing.

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