Dynamic, therapeutic, personalized

Vini Yoga

Vini Yoga is a style of yoga that is dynamic, therapeutic and personalised. In this style of yoga, the breath is of vital importance.

A typical class consists of soft, precise  and conscious movements (asanas), coordinated by the individual capacity of his/her deepest inhalation and longest exhalation. You will improve your breathing, increase your overall awareness and strengthen, stretch and nurture your body on all levels. Meditation and relaxation are also included in a Vini yoga class.

Like in Vini yoga, the objective of any Yoga practice is to access the potential that everyone possesses. To achieve this, individual needs, capacities and aspirations have to be taken into account in order to assist you in your personal discovery and transformation.

These classes are suitable for all. But especially for people who need therapeutic and personalised attention for their physical or respiratory problems. 

Vini Yoga has evolved from the teaching of T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar of Madras (Chennai), India.
Check their website: http://www.kym.org/