Powerful, energetic, revitalising

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a dynamic and intense style of yoga because it focuses on promoting strength and flexibility in the legs, abdomen, back and shoulders. Through dynamic sequences which consist of various poses combined with Ujjayi breathing technique (pranayama), internal heat is created, which results in detoxification of the body.

A typical class begins with a warm-up followed by:

  • standing poses, in which you work on a solid foundation
  • balancing poses, in which your concentration and equanimity increases,
  • sitting poses
  • forward- and backbends
  • twists, inversions
  • ending with a relaxation and short meditation.


In Power Yoga you train all the muscles of your body. The effects are apparent immediately:  you will feel fitter, more energetic, stronger, more flexible and at the same time calm, peaceful and clear in your mind. Yin Yoga is a good yoga style to practice together with power yoga to balance your practice.

* Suitable for all ages, body types and levels. From total beginners to more advanced Yogis.