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  • Introduction


9 mins

Welcome to our course “STEP INTO YOUR POWER” with Yin Yoga & The Work – tools for self-healing and empowerment. You will be offered knowledge and practices which you can use in your day to day life.

Let’s get started!


With José de Groot

  • 1. FUNctional Yin Yoga
  • 2. A Yoga Practice
  • 3. Chinese Medicine & Meridians
  • 4. A Yoga Practice

FUNctional Yin Yoga

12 mins

Explore a FUNctional yoga approach that empowers your yoga practice and deepens your connection with your SELF

José explains how you can practice in a personalised and beneficial way for you. Being in connection with what you feel allows you to adapt the pose to your needs, instead of practicing the pose in an aesthetic way (how it looks).

FUNctional Yin Yoga Practice with Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

45 mins

Experience the endless possibilities in finding YOUR pose to stimulate your body in the needed places.

Energies within & around us – Chinese Medicine

12 mins

In this talk José explains how the Chinese Medicine & 5 elemental theory can be used to understand the workings of nature of which we are part of and give you tools to balance or heal yourself.

Yin Yoga, Chi & Meridians

42 mins

In this talk José explains how the Chinese Medicine & 5 elemental theory can be used to understand the workings of nature of which we are part of and give you tools to balance or heal yourself.


With Jasmijn Koelink

  • 1. Introduction to THE WORK
  • 2. Meditation: Just Notice
  • 3. In whose business are you?
  • 4. Daylight Reality Check
  • 5. Yoga & The Work

Introducing THE WORK by Byron Katie

6 mins

The Work of Byron Katie is a way to identify and question the thoughts that cause stress and suffering in your world. The Work contains 4 questions and turnarounds to open and clear your mind. Anyone can do it. This method is simple and deep personal work. It allows you to access your own inner wisdom – that always exists within you.

Just Notice Meditation

12 mins

Every step of The Work is meditation. In this video, you come to understand that “just noticing” is a form of meditation. It supports you to train yourself to be aware of your thoughts. Thinking isn’t personal, thoughts just appear. They come and go, like your breath. By practicing this meditation you build stamina and presence to feel and notice when you are moving away from your inner strength, and clarity.

In whose business are you? 

6 mins

After this video, you will notice that much of your stress comes from mentally living out of your own business. When you think ‘’You need to get a job, I want you to be happy, you should be on time”, you are in another once business. When you are worried about earthquakes, floods, or when you will die, you are in God’s business.
So when you are angry, hurt, sad, or disappointed in someone or something, ask yourself in whose business am I in? This can set your life free and can bring you back to your own wonderful self.


Daylight Reality Check

5 mins

As you come to see you experience stress when you believe a thought that argues with what is. If you want reality to be different then it is. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that you think thoughts that argue with what is, dozens of times a day. When you stop opposing reality, your actions become simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.

Yoga & The Work

32 mins

Under the guidance of Jasmijn, you will move and breathe mindfully. It will allow you to become aware of how your thoughts and your body interact with each other. This creates a more flexible mind in a more flexible body. So you experience a peaceful body and mind.


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1 min

Thank you so much for joining us in this course. Hopefully you have learned some new tools for self-healing and empowerment? We would love to hear your feedback. Please contact us with any questions you may have. please email us at admin@ygoatreat.eu


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