With inspiration comes motivation


Teachers, books, links, articles, films or life itself can inspire and motivate to do great deeds. In this section I would like to share with you, what inspired and motivated me on my Yoga path and / or in my daily life

My Teachers


Paul & Suzee Grilley

They opened my eyes with their humorous and down to earth way of teaching anatomy and scientific metaphysics. Bringing science and spirituality together in Yoga. Because of them my practice and teaching has become more therapeutic, personal and playful.

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T.K.V. Desikachar

Touched by his humility, serenity and extended knowledge of everything that Yoga holds, he has taught me how to treat with yoga each individual needs accordingly.

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Sarah Powers

Sarah touches and inspires in combining Buddhist teachings with a Yin & Yang Yoga practice.

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Gloria Rosales

With whom I started practicing yoga seriously and who encouraged me to deepen my practice and take up a Teacher Training. She has been a source of support, trust and faith.

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Other interesting teachers or therapists:


Jordi Ibern
A straightforward, gentle and inspiring Reiki therapist and friend.


David Dodd
Life and business coaching.


Eva Kroes and Luciano Kross.
Yoga and incredible therapeutic massages.


Yoga and more with Noelle Sterk (Yogabreak and Naturalyoga).

Wiesje Monster

Mindfulness for mothers.


Amelie Strecker
Vinyasa Yoga in Barcelona.

Paula Padmini

Vini and Ashtanga Yoga in Uruguay.

Rocio Morrison

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga in Barcelona.

Xavi Gil

Delicious, deep and relaxing Californian massages in Barcelona.

Interesting Websites

Yin Yoga
A great online resource where you can read everything Yoga philosophy, metaphysics and the Yin Yoga practice.


Dhamma Neru, Vipassana meditation centre
Good care, great food and a beautiful place in the mountains of Montseny, where you can master in peace Vipassana meditation.

Coming Soon

I will soon be adding more resources including books and videos!