Class Recording – Trust To Grow



Can you trust that whatever life throws at you is there to help you grow?

In this class the attention goes to rest, surrender, to trust, to the spine – the physical home of our stamina, energy and source – .

To truly surrender and trust, is very scary. It means letting go of all you think that should or shouldn’t be. It means letting go of willpower, opinions, doubts and control – stuff that our mind clings to and which literally creates a forcefully upright spine to deal with what is to come -.
Truly surrendering and trusting means being vulnerable, deeply feeling what life throws at you and being aware of what is triggered inside.

It means trusting your inner wisdom, more than intuition, but a deep knowing or understanding. A knowing that everything and everybody is connected, that whatever is presented in our lives is exactly how it should be and that it is an invitation to deeply connect with yourself and to grow from what triggers you.