Class Recording – Boost Your Immunity


In this class we will work on our respiratory and digestive system. Combining deep breath with long exhales and Yin & Yang poses, in which we stimulate the spine, belly and organs and open up the lung space (shoulders, chest, throat). We will allow ourselves to transform, due to letting go of what we no longer need to make space for something new to come into our lives. Before starting the class think of something that has blocked you in being who you are; whether these are negative thoughts, too demanding patterns of behavior, old wounds or any ignored wishes you have coming from your heart. Then use the answer to make it your intention to let go of that during this class.

Let’s discover together the power of peeling back protective layers of our personality, to eventually (maybe not only during this class) reveal your true potential and actualize your goals! Know that we might use tennis balls and blocks to help stimulate even deeper into the fascia of the upper back to get a deeper release. Be prepared to release emotions.