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On EkhartYoga (the Nextflix of yoga), I have over 120 online yoga classes for you to enjoy. The classes are mostly Yin Yoga & Vinyasa Flow with a strong emphasis on anatomy. Feel free to browse my classes here or on EkhartYoga.

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Detox with balls

All Levels | 60 Mins | Yin Yoga, Pranayama

Do you feel frustrated or angry and lack patience? Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Do you feel stiffness in the sides of your body? If so, this intense Yin session, which detoxes and relaxes your mind and body, is for you! In this session we’ll stimulate the side body, buttocks, hips, SI-joint and spine with Yin poses and balls to release the deeper muscular and fascia knots. (This is also known as myofascial release or deep tissue release). The poses…..



Relax and rejuvenate neck, shoulders, face

All Levels | 60 Mins | Yin Yoga, Pranayama

Do you feel tightness, soreness or tiredness in your neck, shoulders, jaw, eyes and diaphragm? Then try this 60 minute Yin session. We begin with a meditation and gradually move into rib cage breathing to enhance the oxygen intake and release tension in the intercostal muscles and diaphragm. We’ll use this breathing throughout the class, which has a calming effect on the mind. In this class soft movements for the shoulders, arms, eyes, jaw, neck…



Intense self-nurture

All Levels | 70 Mins | Yin Yoga, Pranayama

Are you someone who puts everyone else’s needs before their own, or do you tend to worry a lot, or have stomach ache or digestive problems? If so, this Yin class – which will boost your digestive system, open up your hips and release the spine – is for you! By stimulating these areas – which are connected to the Spleen & Stomach meridians – with various Yin poses you will energize the energetic quality of Earth.José will explain how your body…..



How to address physical imbalances - talk and Q&A

All Levels | 20 Mins | Talk

This class was live on 10 November at 13:00 CET – you can still watch the replay. If you’re looking to address physical imbalances and asymmetries in your body, then this talk and Q&A is for you. Of course, everybody has physical imbalances and asymmetry to some certain degree, but they may seem especially noticeable when practicing certain asanas.



Free Videos

I also offer a selection of free videos including:

  • 21 Day Yin Yoga Pose Challenge
  • Step Into Your Power – mini-course on Yin Yoga & The Work
  • Full Yin Yoga Class
  • Webinars on yin yoga & Reiki
  • and more!

Free Guided Meditation - Let Go & Surrender

All Levels | Meditation

A free guided meditation to encourage you to let go and surrender and trust the process of the universe.

Download mp3 


Step Into Your Power

All Levels | Yin Yoga | The Work

Welcome to our course “STEP INTO YOUR POWER” with Yin Yoga & The Work – tools for self-healing and empowerment. You will be offered knowledge and practices which you can use in your day to day life. This course includes 3 yoga classes, meditation and other exercieses.



Listen To Your Heart

All Levels | 60 Mins | Yin Yoga, Meditation

Please enjoy this Yin Yoga Class recorded via zoom. This session was given live on December 17th 2021. This class includes a META meditation. Let’s move from a place of connection with your true self. And from this space we can act in a more loving, compassionate and authentic way.



Talk: FUNctional Intuitive Yoga

6 Mins | Talk

FUNctional Intuitive Yoga Practice The moment I learned about Skeletal Variations from Paul Grilley my yoga practice changed. I was not teaching Yin Yoga at the time, I was teaching Vinyasa yoga. But it made me realise how truly different each body, each person is, and it blew my mind. I knew that I had to change the way I practice and the way I teach yoga. The style of yoga you practice does not matter. It’s about really going inwards and noticing and learning about your own unique body.



21 Day Yin Yoga Pose Challenge

All Levels | 21 Days

This challenge is an invitation for you to take 5-10 minutes out of your day, to make TIME FOR YOURSELF, to tune in and reconnect, every day, for 21 days. I invite you to PLAY and EXPERIMENT with each pose that I show you and try not to copy the shape I am making in the video. I want you to turn inwards and feel your body. I will give an indication in each video what part of the body we are hoping to stimulate with the pose. I will give suggestions on different variations that can be made and with that comes to opportunity to experiment and play. Find your own way of stimulating the target area and find your pose!



Free Webinars on Ekhart yoga

Teaching yoga functionally!


Would you like to teach your students how to listen to their own bodies and learn cues to encourage them to experiment with pose variations so that they can find what works for them? As yoga teachers, our job is not just to guide our students through a well-rounded practice. It’s also to encourage them to get in touch with their own sensations and build a functional and sustainable practice that suits their individual needs. In short – enable them to be their own best teacher.

In this webinar, I will share: The best cues to invite your students to experiment with different Yin and Yang pose variations. How to give specific adjustment cues without making your student/s feel that they are ‘doing it wrong’. We hope you can join us!




Hi! My name is José

My wish for everyone is that you can embrace all that You are, through practicing yoga and living from Your Experience and in Your Way!

In practicing yoga with an open mindset you start honoring and respecting the infinite varieties in human anatomy, physiology and psychology. When we accept we are all different in this earthly manifestation – but in essence all the same -, we stop comparing, we don’t feed our ego nor create unrealistic expectations. Consequently, we create more peace, freedom and joy for ourselves, others and the world.

I feel it is my mission to bring that liberation and empowerment into your yoga practice and (hopefully) into your life.

In my yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, you can learn how to adapt your yoga practice or someone else’s to their abilities and needs. By adopting a functional approach to yoga combined with the study and practical application of human anatomy, physiology and meridian stimulation and theory, you can make it possible for everyone to practice yoga in a beneficial and injury-free way.