Souls Journey Yoga Retreat

Venwoude Retreat Centre Vuurse Steeg 1, Lage Vuursche, Utrecht

met José and Maike Live Your Light! Kom gedurende deze volledig verzorgde vierdaagse Souls Journey Yoga Retreat, op de prachtige bosrijke locatie Venwoude, helemaal terug bij jezelf. Ervaar een diepe connectie met je ziel, jouw kern, de pure bron van liefde die je bent. Doorbreek


ONLINE Yin Yoga Pre-teacher training

Yin yogadocent worden of je persoonlijke yin practice verdiepen? Dat kan met deze unieke online pre-teacher training. In 9 weken (of langer) leer je wat diverse Yin houdingen voor je doen en hoe je die kunt aanpassen naar je lichaam of dat van een ander.


Deepening Your Yin Yoga & Reiki Practice: a Series of Recorded Workshops

Discover the transformative power of Yin Yoga and Reiki with our exclusive series of recorded workshops. Designed to provide you with a profound and immersive experience, these workshops combine the ancient practices of Yin Yoga and Reiki to enhance your meditation qualities, promote healing, and


The Yin Yoga Bundle: ONLINE 80 hr Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Meridian Teacher Training

In-depth, self-paced, online Yin Yoga teacher training.   About the bundle: Yin Yoga is a multi-faceted, holistic modality that can improve your and your students' quality of life and wellbeing in many ways. The practice of Yin Yoga rejuvenates our fascia and musculoskeletal system, grounds


21 Day Yin Yoga Pose Challenge


THIS CHALLENGE HAS STARTED! It is no longer possible to sign up to email alerts for this challenge. We post a new pose everyday on YouTube so you can find all published poses there.       I would like to start the New Year

Gratis mini-cursus “Step Into Your Power”


with José and Jasmijn  Free course on Yin Yoga & “The Work”   Jasmijn and I have created a short course introducing you to the powerful combination of Yin Yoga and "The Work" by Byron Kaite. “Step Into Your Power – Tools for self-healing &


ONLINE 50 hr Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training

A practical and in-depth course to deepen your understanding of Yin yoga and anatomy, and to get a solid foundation for teaching Yin yoga classes. Study at your own pace. Anywhere. Anytime. This online training is available through the Ekhart Yoga Academy and it gives


ONLINE 30 hr Yin Yoga & Meridian Teacher Training

Learn the energetic aspects of Yin Yoga and initiate profound physical, emotional and mental shifts in you and your students.   This online training is available through the Ekhart Yoga Academy and it gives you unlimited access to this 30 hour training. You also get


Opgenomen Yin Yoga & Reiki 5 Elementen Workshops

Online Event - Zoom

met José de Haan – de Groot & Jordi Ibern   Ervaar diepe emotionele en fysieke heling met deze 5 Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops gebaseerd op de Meridiaan & Vijf Elementen Theorie en Filosofie van de Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde.  In elke workshop combineren we Yin Yoga


Opgenomen Yin Yoga & Reiki Chakras Workshops

Online Event - Zoom

Experience a powerful spiritual and healing journey as we work on the seven chakra system using the transformational combination of Yin Yoga & Reiki in this 7 part online series.