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Yin Yoga & Reiki Workshop 2: HEALING

19 maart, Online,

The powerful healing combination of Yin Yoga & Reiki

After 15 years of offering the combination of Yin Yoga & Reiki, we love to share what we believe is the essence of Yin Yoga & Reiki; deep meditation qualities, healing benefits, and compassion – in the upcoming 3 special workshops live online.  

Each workshop starts with an introduction, followed by meditation and connecting to Reiki. Then José will guide the Yin practice and Jordi will apply Reiki from a distance at the same time. We both encourage you to do self-Reiki during the practice as well; even though you are not familiar with Reiki, Jordi will guide you, so you can practice. We will finish with a relaxation and end meditation.


Workshop 2 | Yin Yoga & Reiki: HEALING

March 19th from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m

Almost everyone who wants to practice Reiki, Yoga or Meditation seeks some kind of healing. Sometimes it is not even clear what kind of healing we need, but we all need to heal from time to time.

There is something that we have noticed while working for two decades with Reiki & Yin Yoga: these two deep practices heal on many levels. We have seen people healing from some physical injuries. We have witnessed how emotional pain is released while practising Yin yoga, Reiki or especially when practising both together. We have even observed how people heal some really deep and old wounds and best of all; this healing lasts! 

Reiki is a Japanese method that focuses specifically on healing; Yin Yoga aims to deeply nourish and is therefore healing. 

Join us in this Special Yin Yoga & Reiki Workshop dedicated to healing.

Join José & Jordi

When: Sunday 19th of March from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Where: Event Live Online on Zoom

Teachers: José de Groot & Jordi Ibern

Price single workshop: € 49 – BOOK

Price 3 workshops (including recordings of past workshop): € 100 – BOOK

How it works

These workshops will be live using Zoom. The time of the class is in Amsterdam time so if you are not in central Europe make sure you come at the right time. Once you have registered and paid – you will be given an email with instructions on how to join the Zoom class.

Please make sure you have enough space to practice – and if you have a free wall nearby that’s always good in case we need one. Other props that are handy to have close by: are a mat, a bolster or pillow, blocks (or use books instead) and a blanket.

Workshop Recordings

After the live workshop everyone who signed up will receive access to the downloadable recording for 3 days. This way you can do the workshop later, if you weren’t able to make it live.

If you are unable to download the recording within the 3 days, you can always email me and receive a non-expiring link.

Why we combine Yin Yoga & Reiki

When we first started the Yin Yoga & Reiki combination back in 2008, we experienced how these two spiritual practices together generate a deeply healing and nourishing experience for body, heart and soul. As Yin Yoga & Reiki share a common goal, philosophy and background, we based our workshops on the wisdom of the 5 elemental energies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, enhancing the effects of the deep poses of Yin Yoga and the gentle touch of Reiki.

More about the other two workshops

  • Workshop 1 - Yin Yoga & Reiki: MEDITATION

    Meditation can be daunting. Especially when you think you have to be able to sit for 30 minutes or more with a still mind and a painless body. But this is not what most people experience and it is not the goal of meditation.

    Most people, when meditating, feel an aching body and a restless mind, and therefore, they stop practising. Here Yin Yoga and Reiki can help!
    Like in non-guided seated meditation, you want to become still in a yin yoga pose, whilst in silence passively observing the breath, the sensations of the body and the thoughts that come and go. Not reacting nor identifying with whatever arises. But instead of 30 minutes of sitting meditation, you stay 5 to 10 minutes in the pose. This shorter period is a great preparation for the body and mind to get used to sitting still and not reacting, just observing. Additionally, when combined with Reiki, the feeling of the energy flowing makes your mind calm down and relax and induces you into a state of presence and meditation.

    Meditation is not about not having thoughts or no physical sensations, meditation is a state of presence. It has 3 main components, stopping, observing, and accepting. When practised regularly, we start living in this particular state of presence and our relationships, health, creativity, patience, and joy benefit from it.

    Join us in this Special Yin Yoga & Reiki Workshop dedicated to meditation

    When: Sunday 19th of February from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
    Where: ZOOM RECORDING – The event already happened
    Teachers: José de Groot & Jordi Ibern
    Price single workshop: € 49 – BOOK
    Price 3 workshops (including recording of MEDITATION workshop): € 100 – BOOK

  • Workshop 3 - Yin Yoga & Reiki: COMPASSION

    The main ingredient of happiness is gratitude, the main ingredient of meditation is silence and the essential component of any spiritual path is compassion. Compassion goes in two directions, towards others and towards oneself.

    During years of practising and teaching, we have happily observed that both, Yin Yoga and Reiki practitioners learn how to be more compassionate with themselves because of the practice. In Yin Yoga compassion is essential. Staying for 5 to 10 minutes in one position makes you feel many sensations, and these sensations aren’t always pleasant. In Yin Yoga, you learn when it is time to go deeper, when it is time to adapt the pose, and when it is time to stay where you are. It allows you to embrace the present moment as it through self-compassion. In Reiki, there are no asanas, but the energy makes you connect with some old tensions and pains, and compassion is essential to let them go without a fight. Moreover, when people practice together, such in retreats or workshops, we see that they become more compassionate to others. We love that! Because this world needs more kindness and compassion than ever.

    Join us in this Special Yin Yoga & Reiki Workshop dedicated to compassion, the very core of any spiritual path. 

    When: Sunday 30th of April from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
    Where: Event Live Online on Zoom
    Teachers: José de Groot & Jordi Ibern
    Price single workshop: € 49 – BOOK
    Price 3 workshops (including recording of MEDITATION workshop): € 100 – BOOK


19 maart
09:30 - 12:30
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