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The myth of ‘Softening your shoulders’ – FREE WEBINAR

10 mei, Online Event – Zoom,

with José de Groot


A FREE webinar hosted on Ekhart Yoga


Do you find it difficult to lift your arms without lifting your shoulders in Utkatasana? Is ‘softening your shoulders’ in Anahatasana completely out of the question for you?

If so, the answer might not be to practice more ‘evil shoulder openers’ (If you’re an EkhartYoga member, you might be familiar with that class from Julie Martin!) but to better understand the anatomy of your unique (and perfect) shoulder blades.

Join my webinar on Tuesday 29th March at 17:00 CET. I’ll dive into the anatomy of the shoulder and explain which variations of some Yin and Yang poses might be more suitable to ensure your practice nourishes and empowers *your* body.


10 mei
17:00 - 18:00
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Online Event – Zoom

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