I believe it’s important that yoga is accessible for everyone, even in the more challenging time.  Because it’s precisely in these challenging times that finding acceptance, peace and flexibility of body and mind is so valuable. It keeps you afloat and connected.In my classes I combine yin yoga with mindfulness, meditation, Reiki, yoga nidra and soft movements. I guide you inside to recharge and release, so that the life energy (Chi) can flow freely again.


The theme of the class will be created in the moment 😊 You can say hello and leave a comment at about 7.50PM before the class, to let me know what it is you need. I will keep that in mind during the class. Each class will be recorded. I will send you the link after the class, so you can enjoy it several times. 😊
Are you unable to join the class but you want to do it later? Then you can also purchase the class and like everyone else you will receive the link of the class.


Hoe Werkt Het?


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