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Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training 2021

29 January 2021 - 20 March 2022, Yoga Moves, Netherlands

200 hours with Jose de Groot   Ι  30 Contact Days  Ι  Yoga Alliance Certified

Enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and an interest for personal development are the driving forces of my students. Attending this training will give you an understanding of the Yin yoga philosophy, anatomy and asana.


You’ll learn to adapt poses within the physical and emotional boundaries of yourself and students. You’ll learn to feel what is needed, in that moment. To connect with your heart, your inner wisdom, which tells you exactly how to use yoga to dissolve blockages and trigger transformations.

The possibilities are endless.


Your inner journey becomes your wisdom to share


Exploratory & Holistic Approach

What characterises this is training is the exploratory approach of my teachings. Fun comes first, to help you to become a self-confident yogi and an open-minded Yin yoga teacher, that shares yoga from a playful mindset and in a personal, safe and inspiring way.


Don’t get me wrong, we will work hard and in a short time your understanding of the body as a whole will increase considerably. But we let go of how poses are supposed to be performed, we let go of how others do it, and we let go of how our ego-mind wants us to do it.

What will distinguish you from other yoga teachers is:

  • The ability to translate your understanding of the Yin yoga philosophy, anatomy and asana into a personalized and safe practice for yourself and others
  • The tools you gain to inspire  your students to grow through yoga, by facing their ‘inner work’.


Yoga doesn’t stop at the physical aspect of the practice, so we won’t either! Especially in the second part of the training we go beyond skeletal variations and asanas and dive into the core of our ‘Being’. Everything is energy, everything is interconnected, so our starting point is to approach the body in a holistic manner and through the lens of the Eastern wisdom on health and life.


‘Everyone is unique and everything is possible, I am convinced of that. And this philosophy on life brings lightness and space. Life is a playground, with infinite possibilities. You get to choose, every moment, again and again. Be bold, think big, play around. ’ – José


Are you ready to transform and become and inspiring teacher?

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What You’ll Learn – A Brief Outline


  • 35 lower and upper body Yin yoga poses and their healing effects on the body as a whole (physical, mental, emotional and energetic).
  • How to intelligently sequence and teach safe, personalised, creative and inspiring yoga classes. With your knowledge of the human body and a holistic view on movement, you’ll inspire others to explore their own bodies, and be able to open and strengthen themselves. Freeing their body, mind and soul, in connection with their essence.
  • Online teaching. The training covers a total of 30 training days, of which 2 online. You will learn how to create a high-quality ánd personal yoga class in an online environment.
  • To explore your own abilities and layers of your unique body with an open mind – making your personal Yin practice beneficial, fun and profound.
  • Various pranayama techniques to enhance the healing effects of the Yin practice on a physical, energetic and emotional level.
  • How to be comfortably and calmly present in the moment, how to observe without action or reaction and being nonjudgmental, by practicing meditation and mindfulness. Mastering the art of being present and developing a peaceful mind, enables you to really connect with yourself and with your students; in order to create a safe and calm energy in your classes, in which students feel safe to open up to whatever arises
  • How to practice and teach from a holistic approach. Learn to work with the anatomical and physiological facets of our body (bones, muscles, fascia, joints, movements, organ functions etc.) and the basic principles of Eastern philosophies on health and life (e.g. Taoism, Reiki, Meridian theory, Meridian pathways, Chi, 5 elements theory, Yoga Sutras) in your personal life and yoga classes.
  • Integrating Eastern wisdom and self-healing into your teaching style.

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Is This You?

Because of the great understanding of the human body (anatomy and skeletal variations) that you gain and the emphasis on the energetic aspect of yoga, this Teacher Training 200 hours is especially relevant for those who:

  • like to deepen their own yoga practice and/or give kick-ass yoga classes in the future
  • exercise injury-free, which is relevant beyond the scope of yoga (e.g. for runners, triathlon practitioners or fitness)
  • are looking for spiritual and personal development and deepening their so-called inner journey
  • are (or want to become) yoga coaches

All of my trainings and classes are driven by my understanding of the skeleton-variation system, as I learned it from my teacher Paul Grilley; the founder of Yin yoga.



Experience with the Yin yoga practice is required to join this 200 hours teacher training. You don’t have to be a pro, but you certainly have a good basis. The prerequisites are:

  • You have at least 6 months of experience in practicing Yin yoga (excluding online classes)
  • You are able to do a 1-hour Yin asana class every day
  • You can read and learn in English. Homework and practical assignments can be completed in Dutch, English or Spanish. The theory exam is multiple choice and is taken in English.
  • Note: you don’t have to be a certified teacher of any other form of yoga yet. This training offer a sufficient base on it’s own to either start you teacher career with, or deepen your teacher skills with.


Are you questioning if your Yin experience is sufficient? Please contact me and we will discuss the options.

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Dates & schedule


  • 7 days from 9:00 to 17:00 (Friday to Friday, Tuesday free) 29 Jan – 5 Feb 2021
  • 4 days from  9:00 to 17:00 (Thursday to Sunday) 22-25 April 2021
  • 3 days from 9:00 to 17:00 (Friday to Sunday ) 11-13 June 2021
  • 7 days from 9:00 to 17:00 (Saturday to Saturday, Wednesday free) 30 Oct – 6 Nov 2021
  • 4 days from  9:00 to 17:00 (Thursday to Sunday) 9-12 Dec 2021 (Thursday & Friday we will meet up via Zoom)
  • 2 days from  9:00 to 17:00 (Saturday and Sunday) 29-30 Jan 2022
  • 3 days from  9:00 to 17:00 (Friday to Sunday) 18-20 March 2022


When you have successfully completed 30 contact days of this Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training, you will receive a 200 hour certificate certified by Yoga Alliance. You can then register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200 teacher (internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Certificate).



Special Price: €2475,21 (NO VAT) subscription no later than 30th of June 2020

Regular Price: €2475,21 + €519,79 (21% VAT) = €2995 subscription after 1st of July 2020.



  • You will be asked for your €500 deposit or make your full or partial payment.
  • You can pay in installments or payment plan.
  • Including all 30 training days (of which 2 online), evaluations and observations in classes.
  • Including 25% discount on Yoga Moves 1, 5 & 10 class cards.
  • Excluding cost of the manuals, books, travel, lunch and (optional) Ekhart Yoga subscription. Also see required materials.
  • After payment of your deposit, you will receive the welcome packet with the reading list and your first assignments you can start with to prepare for the training.


Enrollment is limited, therefore it’s recommend to apply as soon as you know this is for you. If fully booked you’ll be placed on the waiting list. Once you apply, you’ll receive a confirmation email from within approximately one week.


Required Material

See the website of Yoga Moves for a list with required and recommended materials (books) for this training.


29 January 2021
20 March 2022
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José de Groot


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