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Masterclass with José de Groot
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Tension Relief Upper Body Masterclass

23 August 2019, Mandiram Centro, Spain

with José de Groot

Yin Yoga your way down from your head to your toes! Discover a creative way of practicing Yin yoga, by combining upper & lower body yin poses to come from your head more into your body. 


Most people know Yin Yoga to be meditative, energetically healing and a deep tension releasing practice for the hips, back and legs. But what about the upper body? Due to our stressful sedentary lifestyle – hours spend behind the computer combined with stress – we spend a lot of time in our heads and not in our bodies, which creates tensions in our shoulders, neck, chest and upper back and diminishes full and free breathing.


To help you calm the mind and tune in with what you feel, you will mindfully breath and release tensions in this two hour master class.


What to Expect


The class starts with a partly guided meditation to connect with here and now, enabling you to let go of stress and allowing everything to be as it is without control. From that state of mind you start the Yin yoga practice, where upper with lower body poses and pranayama are combined. As an effect your breath deepens and slows down which relaxes your nervous system, your blood and chi circulation throughout the body is enhanced and your mind and body are able to surrender.

You will stay 5 to 10 minutes in the poses in order to increase the healing effects on the physical, mental and emotional level. Physically you will release tensions of your whole body. Throughout the practice you will get the opportunity to pay attention to the tightest areas of the body, to be able to balance the left and right sides.

The poses can trigger intense effects, and if this occurs, José will be there to guide you, enabling you to get to the core of whatever may appear, and providing greater insight into your entire being. The practice will finish with feeling the energetic effects during a well-deserved, extended period of relaxation. The Master Class will conclude with meditation allowing anything that may have come up to settle without judgement.


‘Body on your seat, mind in your body, mind in relaxation.’ Patrul Rinpoche



This Master class is open to all Yin Yogis and yoginis, who are looking for relaxation, introspection and a deep opening from head to toe.

Not recommended for pregnant women, due to longer held poses. But if you are pregnant and really want to join this class, then please contact me


What to Bring:

  • Yin Yoga is a passive form of yoga where we don’t generate much heat through asanas. So keep yourself warm and comfortable, wear layers, warm socks and if you get cold easily you might want to bring a blanket with you.
  • Bring a fluid-container that you can close. Open containers with fluids are not allowed in the yogaroom.




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23 August 2019
20:00 - 22:00
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Mandiram Centro
Plza. Urquinaona 1, 1.5

Barcelona, Spain
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