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ONLINE 30 hr Yin Yoga & Meridian Teacher Training

Learn the energetic aspects of Yin Yoga and initiate profound physical, emotional and mental shifts in you and your students.


This online training is available anytime through the Ekhart Yoga Academy and it gives you unlimited access to this 30 hour training. You also get a one to one session with me included in the package. This course also is eligible for 30 CEU’s with Yoga Alliance. It’s a ‘self-study’ format so you can go through the content at your own pace.


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What You’ll Learn


Different Expressions of Chi:

  • What is Chi, Yin & Yang Theory?
  • The Daoist view of Life
  • Relationship between the Daoist vision and Patanjali’s Sutras



  • The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Metal, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood
  • Emotions and functions in the body linked to each Element
  • Causes, symptoms of unbalance and ways to harmonize each Element



  • Twelve major Meridians
  • Different types of Meridians
  • Link between Elements, Meridians, Organs and Emotions
  • Palpating and tapping meridians


Upper Body Yin Poses:

  • The Anatomy of the Shoulder: bones, joints muscles and biomechanics
  • Posture analysis and joint restriction tests
  • Yin yoga poses for the upper body



Fascia and Connective Tissue:

  • Four main body tissue types
  • Types of Connective Tissue
  • Types of Fascia and their functions
  • The structure of Fascia, the cells and their matrix
  • Relation between Fascia, Yin yoga and Meridian Theory



Yin Yoga – Practicing and Teaching:

  • Sequencing classes to target specific meridians and harmonize elemental energies for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Yin yoga poses to target each Meridian and Element
  • Five types of Pranayama
  • Adjusting functionally to target meridians and muscles


31 December 2024
1 April 2026
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