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LIVE Yoga Class – Turning inwards for a new perspective

3 September, Online Event – Zoom,

Welcome back to my first class after the summer break! I hope you have had an energizing summer break in which you were able to unwind, recharge and do whatever you felt like. 


After summer it is always a bit difficult for me to make the transition of a schedule free period to a set daily routine. Even though I feel the same resistance now, it feels different this time. There is still a daily routine I can’t get away from – like getting my kids to school on time – but my attitude towards to what I feel is more accepting. I know that resistance comes up when something is overlooked or left unnoticed, which means I would have to turn inside to uncover what needs to be seen and noticed.

So to uncover what is the underlying message,  join me and let’s get back to the mat to practice some meditative Yin in order to gain insight, digest the situation and determine a new course with renewed energy.

We will do Yin poses that release the upper & lower back, shoulders, hips, legs, ankles, toes, fingers and wrists. If there are any other specific areas that need to be addressed, or anything else that might be needed, please let me know before the class.

As always, I will allow myself to be inspired by the moment and what you have told me where the attention has to go. Guided by the moment we will find together how the practice will unfold!

Preparation for class

Class starts at 8pm CET, but I am online around 7.50PM. Join me early so we can say hi and check in on any requests or issues. At the end of the class I will leave some time for questions.


Make sure you have enough space to practice and have the following props if possible.

  • a mat
  • two socks
  • 4 tennis balls
  • a belt
  • a blanket
  • two blocks
  • a bolster or pillow ready before the class


Class Recordings

After the live class everyone who signed up will receive access to the recording for 30 days.



The classes are taught in English.



This class will be live using Zoom. The time of the class is in Amsterdam time so if you are not in central Europe make sure you come at the right time. Once you have registered and paid – you will be given an email with instructions on how to join the Zoom class.

Please make sure you have enough space to practice – and if you have a free wall nearby that’s always good in case we need one.

Try to arrange it that you have minimal distractions.




With every booking you get access to the recording of the class for 30 days




*If choosing a ‘class pass’ please purchase the pass first. You’ll then receive an email with € 60 worth of store credit. You can then proceed to book FOUR live yin classes of your choice using your store credit.



3 September
20:00 - 21:15
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Online Event – Zoom

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