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Turn your wounds into WISDOM – Free Masterclass

27 June 2021, Online Event – Zoom,

Join myself and Sanne Blom for a free Masterclass!


Do you feel the call to turn inwards and dive deep? By taking on the mantle of reflecting and healing old wounds you can empower yourself and others! 


This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of anyone who wishes to become a yoga teacher, life coach or leadership role of any kind. 


What to expect in this webinar/masterclass?

Join myself and Sanne Blom (systemic system coach) for a free 2 hour masterclass where we will combine Yin Yoga & the Systemic approach to turning your wounds into wisdom.

Feel inspired and empowered to turn inwards and give yourself the time and a safe space for things to come to light. 

The masterclass starts with a talk about the Systemic and Yin approach to doing inner work (a key feature in our new 300 hour teacher training starting next year), followed by a Yin Yoga class and time at the end for questions and answers. 

During this masterclass you’ll learn about the systemic perspective on inner work. System work helps you work with your fears and trust issues, shedding light on inner traumas in a safe space. With this lived experience of working through your patterns, you can guide other people to do the same. It’s also about taking your own PLACE in you family system, or work system – and how that affects you and others around you. 

José will discuss how the nature of a Yin practice deeply supports the practice of reflections because the practice gives you the time and space to listen. Listen to your thoughts, emotions and your body. When we give ourselves this space you may be triggered and your wounds, traumas, limiting beliefs and unprocessed emotions can come up. But this is a good thing as your subconscious is saying  you are ready!

Where attention goes – energy flows and this increased awareness on the self – physically, mentally and emotionally brings with it a deeper wisdom for you to share with others. 



27 June 2021
10:00 - 12:00
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