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Free Mini-Course: “Step Into Your Power”

1 May 2022 - 1 February, Online,

with José and Jasmijn 

Free mini-course on Yin Yoga & “The Work”


On May 1st we will be launching a free mini-course “Step Into Your Power – Tools for self healing & Empowerment”  for you to experience the powerful tools of Yin Yoga and “The Work” by Byron Katie to help you deepen your connection with yourself, transform and step into your power.

This is the essence behind our Teacher Trainings and Retreats.

Get access to our new mini-course (Launching May 1st)

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This course includes:

  • Talks and classes with José de Groot on How to empower and self-heal yourself with Yin Yoga, knowledge of Functional Practicing & understanding Meridian & Elemental Theory
    Learn how the various tools; Yin Yoga poses. Pranayama, Meditation, Functional Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy and Eastern Health theories (5 elements, chi and meridians) help you to listen, feel and connect deeply with yourself. It is from this inner place of awareness where your self-healing capacities and your own power comes from.
  • 5-part series on “The Work” with Jasmijn Koelink. 
    Discover the power of self-inquiry. Question your thinking patterns and defense mechanisms step by step, in a structured way, to find your own truth and notice how your ego-mind is keeping you away from your authentic self.

We will email you in May with details on how to access this course PLUS you will get access to some exclusive offers!


1 May 2022
1 February
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