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1 julio, Online Event – Zoom,

Join me for a quiet, introspective and meditative class. 

The core of a Yin Yoga is that it is a meditative and spiritual practice. You have the time and space to go inwards, to really feel, let go and explore what your mind resists, doesn’t accept, judges or expects. In becoming aware of certain thought patterns, allowing it to be noticed without being acted upon, the thoughts lose their power and your body naturally surrenders.
In doing so you deeply connect, you become more the  observer and not the identifier, you become aware that everything and everyone is connected, which expands your experience to not just you and your body. From here freedom, kindness and compassion arises.

We will start the class with some gentle movements synchronized with the breath, to release any excess of chi, and then straight into Yin poses that help drawing your attention inwards and get you into a meditative state. We will intuitively stimulate and release your body before we go into a deep meditation, either seated or lying down.

Join me this week and connect deeply with your true essence, beyond the borders of your physical body.


Preparation for Class

Class starts at 8pm CET, but I am online around 7.50PM. Join me early so we can say hi and check in on any requests or issues. At the end of the class I will leave some time for questions.

Make sure you have enough space to practice and have the following props ready for class,  if possible.

  • a mat
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 4 tennis balls
  • a belt
  • a blanket
  • 2 blocks
  • a bolster or pillow
  • If you have a free wall nearby that’s always good in case we need one.


Class Recordings

After the live class everyone who signed up will receive access to the recording for 7 days



The classes are taught in English.


How it works

This class will be live using Zoom. The time of the class is in Amsterdam time so if you are not in central Europe make sure you come at the right time. Once you have registered and paid – you will be given an email with instructions on how to join the Zoom class.

Please make sure you have enough space to practice – and if you have a free wall nearby that’s always good in case we need one.

Try to arrange it that you have minimal distractions.




With every booking you get access to the recording of the class for 30 days



*When you purchase a class pass you essentially get ‘store credit’ which enables you to book any 4 classes of your choice, anytime you want. You will receive an email with a code, and you use this code in checkout when booking your class. PLEASE NOTE that when you purchase a class pass, you have not booked any classes yet. You need to go back to the website, select your class and enter your coupon code in checkout to bypass payment. You will then receive an email with your zoom link to your selected class(es).



1 julio
20:00 - 21:30
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Online Event – Zoom

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