Yogatreat Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Meridians Teacher Training Application


Thank you for your interest in Yogatreat’s Teacher Training. We look forward to this time of self-development, learning and growing together.


How to apply:
To reserve a place in the training please fill out the form below. Within 5-8 working days of receiving your application form you will receive an e-mail from Yogatreat if you are accepted in the program. After this confirmation please make your initial deposit (€500) within 10 working days. This is the only way you can hold your spot. 


Your training starts as soon as you do.
Once you have paid the deposit, we will send you an informative e-mail along with a welcome package, so can already get started on your journey. 

1. Personal Details

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2. Language

The program will be either taught in English, Spanish or in Dutch, depending on the nationalities of the participating students. The handled material will be in English.

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3. Your Yoga Experience

How long have you been practicing Yin Yoga?

How many times a week do you practice Yin Yoga on average? (at least 30+ minutes?)

Who is/are your primary Yin Yoga teacher(s)

Do you have a meditation practice?

If yes - please mention style and how often

Do you have a pranayama practice?

If yes - please mention style and how often

What other style(s) of yoga do you practice?

Ashtanga YogaVinyasa/Flow YogaRelaxed/Restorative YogaAlignment based (e.g. Iyengar) YogaHatha YogaHot YogaOther

Do you follow online classes? If so with whom?

Have you completed a 200 hour (or more) Teacher Training Before?

If yes - please mention school, teacher and style of yoga

Do you have other training or experience that may be relevant for a yoga teacher?

Please give details of the equivalent yoga education you have participated in. 
Mention as well for each training if you received a certificate or a certificate of attendance:

Have you ever done any constellation work or similar?

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4. About Your Teaching Experience

Do you currently teach yoga?

What style of yoga do you teach?

How long have you been teaching?

How many classes a week do you teach?

5. About Your Motivation

What are your expectations of this training? What do you hope to achieve personally?

Why do you want to attend this program?

What would you like to do after this program?

What are your concerns? Fears? If any?

How did you hear about this training?

6. About Your Health

How would you rate your overall health right now?

More information

Do you have any injuries, medical condition, surgeries, serious depressions or mental health challenges or burn outs? (anything that may affect your participation in the training?)

Do you take any medications (blood pressure, anti-depressants etc)?

Are you pregnant?

Are you in any other 'situations" that may that might affect your participation?

7. Emergency Contact

Emergency contact person & phone number:
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8. Program Participant Agreement: Yogatreat Teacher Training

I understand that: 

If I fulfill the requirements of Yogatreat’s Teacher Training, including in-class hours, homework and evaluations, I will receive a certificate of completion which can be submitted to Yoga Alliance or a prospective employer as evidence that I have completed a 300-hour Teacher Training Program. 

  • Paying for the program and completing (part of) the hours alone does not mean I will pass the program. 
  • Yogatreat reserve’s the right to ask me to leave the program if I am found plagiarizing, if my behavior is disruptive, inappropriate, negatively impacting other students learning, unethical or violations of the Yoga Alliance ethical guidelines. Under such circumstances I understand I will not be refunded my tuition. 
  • If I miss over 15 hours of training I will receive a non-passing status. Under such circumstances I will be given the opportunity to retake certain aspects of the training on specific given dates with additional fees. 
  • All Yogatreat Teacher Training materials are under copyright protection and cannot be reproduced without permission of the author. Failure to comply may result in legal action. 
  • The program will be primarily given in English, Spanish or Dutch (depending on the participants), I may choose to answer e-learning assignments and give the practical exam classes in the language I prefer either English, Spanish or Dutch. I understand that I will use the chosen language in which the program is given, when I write messages on the forum of E-learning. 
  • Yogatreat has the right to cancel the teacher training in case of not enough applicants (minimum of 15) or personal or business circumstances. Yogatreat will refund the full paid course fees within 10 working days after cancellation.

Read our full general terms and conditions here